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How do I get a £1+ million mortgage? 

We have the expertise to arrange £1m+ mortgages which, by their nature, are complex and require specialist underwriting. Please call to discuss this. 

How does a second mortgage work?

A second mortgage, or a 2 nd charge mortgage, is a loan that is in addition to your main mortgage, from a secondary lender. This type of lending is also underwitten by assessing income and affordability.

What are the criteria for a Limited Company Mortgage?

A lender will require information on the income of the company, rather than an individual, making the process a little more complicated.

Can I have more than one Buy To Let mortgages?

Yes. We can help landlords who are looking to grow a portfolio of properties, remortgage a buy to let or purchase a new property.

Is remortgaging a good idea?

If you can reduce your monthly payments with a better interest rate, or shorten the time that it takes to pay back your mortgage debt, then this could be positive. 


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The Remortgage Process

Working with HB Partners



An informal introductory conversation 

Your mortgage adviser will ask exploratory questions to gain an understanding of your situation. Following this, you will be shown the options available to you. Such as "How much can I borrow?".

Now that we know your circumstances, we will look for the most appropriate mortgage product to meet your needs.

Our Expert Recommendation



Discover the right Remortgage for you

Our mortgage experts will take you through the options, and only once you are happy, we will apply for an agreement in principle from the lender. 

Once the agreement in principle is obtained, we will submit the full remortgage application on your behalf. We manage all stages of the process and keep you updated, right up to the remortgage completion.

Full application

The choice in the mortgage market can be confusing with so many products to choose from. Your adviser will take the confusion out of remortgages and present the options clearly and simply, allowing you to make sense of the products available, such as

What is 3 + 5 =


Helping you to secure the right remortgage for your home

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A remortgage is a replacement for your existing mortgage, typically taken out when the original rate offer has expired.


If you can find a lower interest rate and do not have early repayment charges when exiting your existing mortgage, then this is an effective way to save money. 



Yes it is possible to secure a mortgage on an unencumbered property. The amount will be determined by your affordability and the value of your property. 


It is your credit score that will affect a remortgage application. The primary factor with a lender's assessment of a remortgage is your credit score. 

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Why use us?

We provide expert professional advice to homeowners and first time buyers on mortgages, remortgages and buy to lets.

We have over 25 years' experience in the mortgage industry, offering a wealth of knowledge and the highest standards of professionalism. 

We are qualified to advise you on your equity release requirements.

We don’t sell. We listen objectively and identify financial risks which allow us to put in place the best insurance policy available.

Where necessary, we have direct access to senior underwriters in some of the biggest insurance providers in the UK.

We have access to technical insurance portals to analyse the best providers and policies across the whole of the market.

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